Chili Cook-Off Chef

Warm up this February with an old-fashioned Chili Cook-Off. A benefit for The Mission presented by the Shawnee Indian Mission Foundation.

Saturday, Feb. 9, 5PM-8PM:

Fill out the entry form below with your contact information and “name your chili”! Get creative and promote your chili! We provide the apron; you bring your chef hat, cowboy hat… or whatever attire suits you! Invite family and friends to be a part of your “Chili Team”! There will be prizes for the contestants with the most teammates!

Bring your pot of chili to The Mission East building by 1PM on Saturday, February 9th. Be sure to bring any extra condiments that make your chili special, and your own utensils. Cook-Off attendees will be your judge! Ballots will be given at the door. Don’t be shy! Be sure and let the judges know why “your” chili is the “World’s Best”! Well… at least “The Mission’s Best”! First place “Chili Chef” will be honored with the highly coveted “Best Mission Chili Chef” trophy. Runner-up awards will be fun if not down right “chili crazy”!

The head chef of each team will be our guest. (You pay your $10.00 bar fee at the door which includes beer and wine for the whole evening.) Teammates will need tickets which can be purchased online by clicking here.

Tasting cups, spoons, napkins, etc. will be furnished by The Mission. Ballots will be calculated and winners will be announced by 6:30PM! Giving everyone time to… drum roll… EAT MORE CHILI!

Just fill out the contact information form below and click submit! Lookin’ forward to “EATING YOUR CHILI” on Saturday, February 9th from 5 to 8PM at The Shawnee Indian Mission East Building!

All proceeds benefit the Shawnee Indian Mission, a 501c3 non-profit.

I certify I enjoy making chili and didn't purchase Chili King or any other manufactured chili to call my own. Yuck! I solemnly swear to have a good time and enjoy meeting new chili lovers! I will tell all my family and friends to sign up at for the Feb. 9th Mission Chili Cook-Off and cheer me on to win!
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